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    Here’s a look inside my home, which has been featured in the Chicago Tribune.

    My wife Lisa and I created a space that we think is a great example of "Prairie Modern” living. While influenced by concepts associated with the Prairie School and Modernism, this home isn’t a slave to any particular style.

    Instead, it is an expression of timeless ideals that provide an informal yet elegant environment—while bringing the outside in and being designed exactly around the way we live. You may spot some of our products like Teco Pottery, as well as items we’ve carefully curated that inspire the very work we do.

    Lisa and I have since moved, but we look forward to creating our new space with this same approach in new and unique ways. And in the future, we’ll share some photos.

    For now, I hope you enjoy this peek inside a PrairieMod house!

    Best wishes,

    Bryan Kelly
    PrairieMod Co-Founder