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    PrairieMod is a family business founded by Midwestern natives Bryan Kelly, Lisa Kelly, and Eric O’Malley. For over a decade, this trio has been sharing their love for the timeless modern lifestyle through American made, handcrafted, and exclusively designed products.

    The family also publishes a weekly Frank Lloyd Wright-related news digest every Wednesday at and was awarded with a Wright Spirit Award from the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy in 2011 for their efforts in helping to preserve Wright's design legacy. 

    Deeply influenced by the ideals of the Prairie School movement and Modernism, PrairieMod represents values inspired by both the local landscape and architecture—which helps create a distinctly unique American style.

    After a lifetime of being immersed in the rich design heritage surrounding Chicago, Illinois—Bryan, Lisa, and Eric began selling their flagship Teco Art Pottery Collection® in 2007. This contemporary art pottery is based on some of the most historically iconic and forward-thinking designs ever produced by American craftsmen.

    Teco (an abbreviation of TErra COtta and pronounced “TEA-KO”) art pottery was originally produced from 1899 through the 1920’s by the American Terra Cotta and Ceramics Company, located in Terra Cotta, Illinois. This entirely new type of decorative pottery became famous for groundbreaking shapes that have been categorized as architectural, organic, and classical. Teco helped establish a new age of modern design in 1904; a full decade before European influences arrived in America.

    We feel that in order to produce relevant products for today, we can learn a thing or two from the creative minds of the past. Based on this belief, the PrairieMod mission is to create and curate timeless modern designs that honor the past while easily fitting into any modern lifestyle. This approach provides useful and beautiful objects that either become a treasured keepsake or the perfect gift.