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    You want to choose vase colors that will work with your decor. But how can you actually know what to pick?

    Wife/husband partners Lisa and Bryan Kelly from PrairieMod have some helpful tips that uncover eight thoughtful and timeless colors. They also explain why these colors work by describing each of their characteristics.

    The eight colors below that they’ve selected from the Teco Art Pottery Collection were carefully chosen to blend with any style. And with diverse publications such as Dwell, Country Living, American Bungalow, Apartment Therapy, and Design*Sponge featuring these vases—you can easily get a sense for their versatility. 

    1. Green
    2. White
    3. Dark Brown
    4. Natural
    5. Blue
    6. Red
    7. Aqua
    8. Orange

    Here are the colors...

    1. Green. This fresh color truly fits with any kind of decor. As a striking complement, it looks lovely as an accent among yellow and red shades. Lisa said, “As nature’s favorite color, it adds a touch of balance to earth tones or neutrals while blending with cooler shades of green and blue.” She added, “However, if I were to invest in a second vase color from this collection, it would be white."

    2. White. Here is a color that can either be dramatic or subtle depending on the environment. White can also be soft and romantic or quietly modern. It is simplistic in a neutral setting, bright in a colorful environment or stark amongst modern décor. Bryan mentioned, "White pieces look different yet dramatic against any color from white to black. I absolutely love the contrast it brings."

    3. Dark Brown. Dark brown can also be dramatic like white. Perhaps most distinctive of all, a single dark brown piece of pottery is an elegant addition in your home. At home among all types of décor, this color has a strong magnetic presence that works anywhere. “When you combine dark brown with either white or natural Teco vases—wow!”, said Bryan.

    4. Natural. Natural is a softer white with a speckle tone. It is subtle and slips gently among other colors adding a comforting charm. Timeless and modest, this neutral color is extremely versatile since it is at home in any palette. The various architectural and organic shapes of Teco pottery in this natural color are a simple, nurturing complement to nature.

    5. Blue. This one is a classic accent color. You can use it to add a calm, introspective touch with a single piece or a strong sophisticated statement with several pieces. "Blue also stands out among warmer colors, looking brilliant against yellow and gold shades or flattering among green and other blue shades like aqua," said Lisa.

    6. Red. The warmest of all colors, red has long been associated with life, luck, and vitality. Stylish and bright, this color is made to catch the light and draw special attention in any interior. The vibrant shade of red is perfect as a stand-alone accent, or pair this bold color with white and dark brown for a fiery contrast.

    7. Aqua. This soft color will add a gentle emotion to your home. It is a delicate shade that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility in any setting. Blending beautifully with whites, neutrals, browns, and greens, aqua is as versatile as it is visually stimulating. "It will make a statement standing alone, or add grace and charm among many colors and accent pieces,” said Bryan.

    8. Orange. An unexpected delight—this color adds spice and flair to other Teco pottery colors. Use one piece alone to instantly brighten up a bedroom. Pair it with white accents for a bright and sunny contrast in a kitchen. Lisa mentioned, “You can also mix orange in with yellow, dark brown, and natural for a warm centerpiece in a living or dining room."

    These eight timeless vase colors give you a ton of options without being afraid to make a bad choice that clashes with your decor.

    That’s what led Bryan, Lisa, and her brother Eric to create the Teco Art Pottery Collection for PrairieMod. Producing American-made pieces that could integrate into any modern lifestyle without fuss or hassle was the goal for this family business rooted in a passion for timeless design.