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    A visual guide to picking the right vase for your home

    By learning about four types of vases, you’ll be able to make the best choice that fits your personal style. Imagine the joy you’ll feel when you’ve found exactly what you were looking for!

    We’re Bryan & Lisa Kelly and this guide was created after years of helping people find the right vase through our Teco Art Pottery Collection. We hope this simple blueprint becomes a valued resource.

    Now let's get started...


    Visualizing where you want your vase to go is essential. Making the right choice comes down to knowing what size and shape works best in the space you have.

    Thinking about these four types of vases will get you in the proper mindset for choosing the best option—Bud Vase, Centerpiece Vase, Planter Vase, and Floor Vase.


    A bud vase is a small vessel with a narrow neck designed to hold a single flower or a small bunch of flowers. They fit well on a mantel, side table or cabinet and are also stunning on a kitchen countertop. 

    If you use a Teco vase like the 2 Buttress—inserting a freshly cut Hydrangea stem inside the neck is surprisingly elegant. Adding a nice touch of class to any nook or cranny.


    This vase has a welcome spot in the middle of your dining or kitchen table. The centerpiece nicely punctuates long surfaces that might otherwise be barren. Consider visibility, making sure the piece isn't too tall or overpowering.

    There are some stunning Teco pottery centerpieces like the Apollo vase. It looks refined as the focal point on any table, especially with a bundle of fresh flowers popping over the rim.


    These pot-like vases are low bowls that hold larger objects such as pine cones, fruit, and even woven balls. Planters are perfect for swapping with centerpieces—letting you alternate between a taller, slender vase and a shorter, wider one. 

    Teco vases like the Oak Park are both utilitarian and versatile. For example, several green apples from the market inside this vase makes quite the statement.


    Vases don’t only go on surface tops. Floor vases are larger than their counterparts and add a beautiful touch to all kinds of spaces—such as next to a sofa, in the corner of a room near a chair, and even in a foyer. 

    A favorite Teco pottery floor vase is the Double Gourd. It’s hefty, yet with a kind of elegance and sophistication that is spectacular in the corner of a room.


    Now that you've learned about these four vase types, you can see how simple your choices become. We believe that a vase should not only be beautiful—but that consideration should be given to where it goes and how it will function.

    This belief led us to create the Teco Art Pottery Collection, a revival line of ceramic vases once made 100 years ago that feel as though they were designed today.

    We’ve been producing American-made pottery for people just like you since 2007. All the shapes in the collection range in price from $65-$200 and are sold only on our website



    Browse the Teco Art Pottery Collection! You’ll love it.