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    Washing with mild soap and water will maintain your pottery's beauty for generations to come.

    Every piece in the Teco Art Pottery Collection® is produced to hold water safely. However, due to the complex nature of the multiple processes it requires to produce our vases, we suggest testing it for watertightness prior to use.

    Here's how to run a test:

    1. Fill your vase full of water, making sure that the bottom and outer areas are free of drips. 
    2. Place vase on a paper grocery bag on your kitchen countertop for a total of 8-12 hours. 
    3. Carefully remove vase from bag. If there is a noticeable moisture ring, vase is not watertight. 

    If you find that your vase is not watertight, please contact us at 800.594.3148 or info[at] and we'll be happy to replace it at no charge.

    The two worst enemies of dried flowers are direct sunlight and humidity. Flowers will naturally fade over time, but many people appreciate the subtle muting of colors and natural beauty that time gives to florals. We recommend no more than 6 months to a year to replace your florals. Compared to fresh flowers, this gives you roughly 11½ months more enjoyment time! If storing, please protect from moisture, extreme heat or pests.

    Dried flowers are for indoor use, away from direct sunlight, heat, high humidity or moisture and pests. To preserve the unique beauty, please avoid displaying in areas where these conditions are present.

    The pillowcase itself can be machine washed in warm water that is around 104°F/40°C. Be sure to turn the pillowcase inside out before washing! Keep in mind that you should only use non-chlorine bleach if necessary and do not iron the pillowcase at all. Tumble-dry these garments on low. 

    Please note—the pillow insert should only be hand-washed.